First-time homeowners in Long Grove called us to install 2 new electrical outlets in their new living room. During this work we removed the cover of the breaker panel and found water beading and pooling inside. Yikes! Puddles inside an electrical panel are cause for immediate action.

The electrical panel, which was only 30 years old, was rusted and grimy on the inside from years of moisture. The wiring was sloppy and haphazard. Their home inspector made a note about a minor wiring issue in the electrical panel, but completely missed the overall state of the panel and the obvious moisture problem

 The homeowners contacted a local electrician for an evaluation and quote. They were not pleased with the pricing or the service they received from this contractor and called House Specialties again to discuss their options. We believed that the moisture issue was caused by condensation and not by a leak. We proposed to rebuild the electrical panel rather than replace it, for less than half the cost of a new panel from the other contractor.

Rebuilding the panel included removing all the breakers, cleaning all the corrosion and oxidation off all the wires and contact points, removing the rust from the enclosure and repainting the inside of the box and cover, and then reinstalling all the breakers and wires.

This photo shows the panels with everything removed. To prevent condensation in the future, empty conduits were added to the top and bottom of the panel to act as vents. In addition, the conduit that brings the main cable into the house from outside was sealed so that air will not pass through it.

After a long day of work for two technicians (without power in the house), our licensed electrician put the panel back together much neater than he found it.

When you need an electrician—for simple or complex work—call House Specialties. We’re licensed and insured, we’ll respect your home, and we can find creative solutions other electricians wouldn’t. Check out our electrical evaluation and circuit mapping package .